Tuesday, March 18, 2008

33th post!

GoSh OmG oMG!! haha.. guess what!! this blog is actually featured in i-weekly!! 1 and a half page!! wah!!! haha.... although i was asked bout it over the phone.. but didn't expect it to be so much! i tot only a little only.. maybe half page or something? haha... 1st time i have so many tags arh... i go to the tag board n view older tag.. wanna find my previous tag n start answering from there.. but can't find.. 139 tags den full le.. haha.. gosh! pple actually read wat i type arh.. haha... in sch now... at my hostel... 3 am... hmmz... oh ya... someone mentioned about mi holding a autograph session or something? haha.. who will be interested n will come if i really hold one? hmmmz.. haha... anyway.. i will be attending my sec sch de bazaar soon! 2 days b4 exams thou... maybe u all wan can go support mi n stuff? its open to public if i am not wrong la! haha... so far i asked jasmine tye from singapore idol n jeremy kwan from ss2 to go n perform too! they r cchsm alumni too! haha... seeing pple asking for my msn.. hmmz.. i think... maybe post in tag board i answer better? haha... oh ya ya... i found this very nice pasta place.. at shaw (beach road) level 1 there is this new creation pasta... cheap.. excellent! i always tot i can only eat my fav pasta at changi airport T2 staff canteen.. but now new place in town! and now i am very into yoghurt.. juz had a 1 litre mango yoghurt in 2 days.. on top of tt.. keep trying yoghurts every where.. carrefour in suntec had this yoghurt stall which is now getting into my fav list! haha... oh ya... i am finally a braces guy.. after saying n saying for so long... that i am going to put braces.. i finally put it on on friday... at far east.. which is y some of you all saw mi at far east? hee... $7000 over the whole course.... discounted rate already.. but still quite a big sum arh... a bit xin tong.. haha... paying by instalments... its consider cheap cause i put inside de ma... not those u can see from outside.. same as what elvin did lor... so now i talk like lou feng lou feng like tt.. haha... den mouth like having something inside all the time... teeth sore... wah... but for the better future! ok la.. i was advised to put cos my side view not nice ma... if u all realise, i have this natural pout.. haha... i look as if i am pouting when i am not doing anything wif my lips.. so yups! improve my side profile, shape my face better... better smile... look better so u all can see a nicer chengxi on tv? although i know pple who hate mi will still say i look fugly la... doesn't matter those ba... not going to post photo as braces on not nice ma.. haha... okiez! sayos.... looks like i have to reply to tags more often le ba.. gosh... haha....


  1. haha!
    yes, if u have autosession, will sure go de!
    but what u wanna sign ah?? hahah~
    and i thought u already look good leh. haha. another braces guy. oh, jia you for ur bazaar ah! =)

  2. got 2 know u better after seeing the i-weekly. got to know yr blog and then i hv more 2 read abt u.. nice chap...and surprised to see that u hv a twin bro. 2 of u really look alike.... will always come into yr blog to look see look see... i also like to go to zhiyong's blog.... nice to really ease my tense job in the office... way to go kid... me a mother of 2

  3. Cx!
    u muz reply this. so when's the bazaar? and wad time would u be performing?

  4. Lolx... Y nt ask ppl leave u a comment instead?
    U can see wat they post without missing out.Hahax... U can also go cbox acc to view e old msg.
    ur teeth so straight still need put.
    Teeth like ours den need. Hahax....
    I suggested e autograph n u see so many ppl support u. Hahax...
    Sure can de.