Saturday, March 29, 2008

42nd post

bad things don strike once.. i lost my hp yday night.. gosh! anyone who pick it up can plz return to me! u can have the hp.. i juz wan my sim card back! haiz.... don worry everyone.. thanks for all your advices.. seriously... and thanks for responding to my call n get xinhui in the semi-finals.. thanks so much! really really.. thanks!! *bow*

i need some advice regarding hp... ok.. i need to buy a new hp.. but i am totally no clue of wat to buy la.. i use to be using nokia 7390.. black n brown de.. i simply love the phone.. but i can't seem to get it anywhere now.. any idea? i wish to buy back the same leh.. but if i am not buying it back.. thinking between nokia E51, nokia 5310 and nokia 6500c... anyone using these phones?
actually i think E51 looks nice! but i have nv use a E series hp.. i was kinda afraid tt it is like N series like tt.. very slow... anyone know is it fast or stuff? note tt i only list down nokia hp cos i think the other brands not use to it la.. yups! or any other nice recommendation? i like flip phones.. don like slide phone... nokia flip phones? any? hmmz...

and.... i heard bout iphones.. see from hardwarezone selling for $400 only.. is it gd? where to buy? hmmz...

Friday, March 28, 2008

41th post!






Share an experience, got once, i was all alone in a aeroplane to this faraway happy land tt i always wanted to go(don wanna reveal where). I was all alone in the big SIA midnight flight... 5 hours of flight... i think its less den 10 pple in the whole plane... its was dark.. i juz couldn't get to sleep... i look out of the window... i saw the most beautiful scene that i ever experience in my life! a sunrise from above the clouds... initially it was a small rainbow.. den the rainbow grew bigger n bigger... orange skies surrounded it... den a red semi-circle appear... slowly rising, n the rainbow slowly fading away... i am full of excitement! such sight makes mi go wild.. i jumped from my seat, unknowingly said "wah, wah, wah!!!!", full of happiness turn to the other side wanting to share it wif someone but.... the whole stretch is empty.. the front n back row is empty too! it felt like bucket of ice water water suddenly rained on mi.. i turn backed.. the red slowly became orange.. den to daylight... den a thing got stuck into my head forever... wats wif money, wats the happy things or stuff tt u can have... when ultimately.. all u wan is someone u wanted to share all these wif u... which is the most most important thing isn't it?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

40th post

I am going ask for help the last time.. plz help..... Xinhui val.... the one tt i asked for help a few times b4? she is at her buddy round at italentstar and most probably... she is going out... i earnestly urge all visitors of my blog to vote for her plz? vote daily until end of the week... becos she once told me "my wish is to go to the intro singapore round".. which is the next round... She really really put in alot of effort... or rather EVERYTHING into italentstar le.. she has also made huge huge sacrifice for it.. and yet.. she is going out.. i posted my msn n 84 pple added me within one n a half day.. i really believe tt wif all ur help, she will get thru... plz help k? If she really does get in.. i promise a night of msn wif u all who added me online and a signature photo each if u all do come to cchsm de bazaar to find mi okok? plz plz help... i juz wanna do this for her... let her fireworks come true... i sincerely hope.......... register n help ba.. thanks....

39th post....

Do i think i have the license to break down? i think so....

My exams in 19 days..
A 2000 words wiki paper on sunday
3 test in succession... monday, tuesday, wednesday... den test again..
i take 9 subjects in university... i am scare shitless bout the coming exams... if i failed to do well, i might take more den 4 years to grad...

i need space... space to be able to have a night to myself to quietly do my stuff... study, play, enjoy my remaining hall life which is ending v v soon n i will nv be able to have to again... to chit chat wif my hall buddies.. to play soccer...

i need to be able to do the things i wanna do wif no fear... i don like having to report every movement and every hour...

i am under enormous stress to be able to sense feelings.. sense wants... i need time for my family which i value very very much... if i only have my alone time starting from midnight, i will be sleeping very late.. Can't be blamed...

i am juz angry and shouted... i need a break... i need a clear mind n alone time for the hurdles ahead... the exams... life is hard... even harder when u get older.. when u felt tt u r not only responsible for urself... but responsible for ur time n my time? i am exhausted... energy squeezed dry....

i need trust, need u to be confident, need space, need respect, understanding...

blogging isn't a crime. facebook isn't a crime, having female frens isn't a crime, befren co-star isn't a crime, having msn isn't a crime... nth is..... not having trust is a burden... a cumulative burden tt i juz got flattened by... i have done enough to earn it i believe.. but i am nv given.. All i can say is.... wan xi...... too bad.........................................................................

GRHHhH!!!!!!! WAH!!!!!!!!!! GOSH!!!!!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

38th post...

Hmmmz... Decided to step forward and clarify some stuff? cos someone asked mi online.. so to clear some air lor.. haha.. in case pple misunderstand..

I do realise that i have got lotsa criticism n accuse online in the forum... i got nth to say on criticism.. in fact some r quite gd as it made mi think bout wat i acted and how to improve.. i do know that there r bound to be pple who don like mi.. but i do in fact kinda amused at some of the accusation aimed at me by pple who claims to be insider or watever... I am not affected by it but juz to explained so pple don misunderstand mi? hee..

1stly- i keep addressing pple as senior to improve popularity

i don go ard addressing pple as senior... i juz said so bout joanne as my senior when asked in an interview... same sch ok ma.. cos i treat her as role model to be able to manage sch work n acting so well.. cos she did well in sch.. yups.. in fact i would also gladly acknowledge ezann and yahui as my srjc senior/junior too!! haha.. more den happy to do tt.. i don see her acknowledging senior is a plot to improve popularity.. amused..

2ndly- i pull strings...

this is kinda sensitive topic.. i do realise pple sometime to tt i think.. but i can honourly say i nv... although its not wrong to do tt... everyone wans to do well in their industry.. i am a student artiste.. the time i have to film a drama or do entertainment stuff r very limited... i seldom go mcs even! how to pull string? pull string for? haha.. roles that i can't take up due to time contraint? for wat? haha.. if someone wanna teach mi i don mind learning... its not easy i guess... its even said i pull string til i am lead and til aileen is switched.. haha.... humourous! aileen is a great veteran i respect and would be very happy to work wif her? if i can control all these i would be god of the industry liao.. haha!!! i am only newbie la.. where got power.. juz follow instructions lor...

3rdly- i lied bout my sch history

God.. y would i do tt?

4th- i trying to get popular

haha! that is also wrong? i tot all artiste wish to get popular? i juz try to do my drama well and see how it goes ma... whats wrong?

Lastly - someone said 若要人不知,除非己莫为

which is kinda interesting to me.. cos alot of things said by this person who said this is not true.. and from my level of insider point of wrong.. alot r wrong.. but he said he is insider too orh.. unless higher level of info den mi? juz that some r accusing things that i do tt i did not.. haha.. seriously interested in his so called evidence or source ba.. wonder how he get false stuff from don know wat source which is definitely misleading him.. wrong source... haha... i really nv do.... so how he know bout things tt nv happened? i wonder... i think he juz hate mi n trying to get pple to hate mi too! juz my guess? haha

I wanna thank the pple who tried to defend mi online and tried to get verification from mi? thank you! crappy reader, dumbellz etc... no need to argue wif pple who don like mi n juz trying to put mi down la... its ok de.. i am not affected or wat.. hee... we can all look at it and juz laugh it off happily can le... okok? seeing u all getting work up.. haha.. thanks! but no point over such trivial things la.. ok ok? thank you for everyone's concern! hee.. Going home tonight! try to post some photos tonight too! hee

Monday, March 24, 2008

37th post!

a pic to share above.. haha.. very ala "se jie" or maybe u can say "zhong guo feng".. haha..

Sorry everyone on the msn part... really can't work.. last time can leh.. haha.. sorry for inconvenience.. have since created a new live passport.. plz add msn as yups.. i think this is correct le.. haha....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

36th post!

I realised that the tag board move so fast! some stuff i typed is gone b4 some pple can read them! so i logged on n post lor! haha...

1stly, regarding all the post asking for msn... is i try logging on last night but failed.. will try again soon! yups! whoever wanna add can add!

2ndly, i already chosed the job! i took up the 1k one.. since i need to finance my braces also.. and i think on site.. ok la.. can get the tan i wanted.. sounds interesting.. and most important factor is i wanna be a man of my word. i promised that company 1st and they offered me a attachment job when i needed one most! so yups! i went ahead wif tt lor.. i am actually quite touched bout the advices given! certainly make mi felt the sincerity to help mi in those! thanks so much!

3rdly, if i am not wrong i have 1 scene in the next 2-3 episodes.. den will be coming out not much til epi 25 or 26 arh.. den til the last episode quite alot of mi le! yups! haha...

lastly, thanks to the pple who provided the info on my project! its useful la! really very helpful to mi! thanks so much!

PS: gd night everyone! and have a very gd gd gd gd weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

35th post!

Juz like someone mentioned in the tag board.. out of my 3 character.. ma lu from bai wan bao, li kai zhe from bao bei fu nu bing and su ding yi from yi fang ban ting yi shui gang.. which one u all like best? Although Li kai zhe age same as me.. and same is under-grad, but i feel more for ma lu leh.. i mean.. i think my real life character more like ma lu.. think tt time 1st time act.. actually got a feeling of wanting to do it again.. got areas tt i feel i can improve on.. i think its like 1st love ba.. haha... 1st character.. will feel more for it.. both 3 shows i had so much fun filming la.. i like Li kai zhe too! his determination to find chun chun... Su ding yi i like to way he very xiao1 sa3.. Ma lu, i like his way of going all the way to protect the gal he love... kinda.. haha.. so which one u all like best?

Anyway.. am facing a dillema now.. i will be going on attachment (industrial orientation) this coming may to july.. now got 2 company offers.. 1 pay 1k a mth going on construction site do foundation and soil stuff.. another 1 pay $600 going to office n do office work.. hmmz... the 1k one is at tuas! very far!! The 600 one is at Sin ming only.. near to my house.. hmmz... office work like more relax hor.. but additional $400 per mth leh! tts alot la! can use to finance my instalment for braces.. hmmz... how how? haha.. suggestions?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

34th post!

yday night i watched "The legend" dvd til 4 am.. missed my morning class cos can't wake up.. oh... haiz... 1 hr of lecture missed.. bad student here arh.. but i finish the whole drama le.. exams in less den a mth! got to buck up!! haha..

Anyway... noticed some dispute on some forum bout my schs n stuff... which some of the accusation n comments r rather farnie to mi! haha... ok.. i am born in 1984.. went to pri sch when i was 6 at MEE TOH PRI... den went on the Chung cheng high (main) for sec sch... follow a short brief at outram institute for 1st 3 mths where its like so so much fun la! after 1st 3 mths i went on to srjc... after As i go army n now ta da! i am in ntu!! haha... yups! hope it clears some misunderstandings... haha.... thinking y my bro lag behind mi by 1 year? hmmz.. sorry to say... he retained during his year 1 at jc... yups!

And... as promised the previous time showing some pics i took in korea.. that was long time ago using film.. so have to scan.. thats y not much only a few.. haha.. process of scanning very mah fan ma.. yups!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

33th post!

GoSh OmG oMG!! haha.. guess what!! this blog is actually featured in i-weekly!! 1 and a half page!! wah!!! haha.... although i was asked bout it over the phone.. but didn't expect it to be so much! i tot only a little only.. maybe half page or something? haha... 1st time i have so many tags arh... i go to the tag board n view older tag.. wanna find my previous tag n start answering from there.. but can't find.. 139 tags den full le.. haha.. gosh! pple actually read wat i type arh.. haha... in sch now... at my hostel... 3 am... hmmz... oh ya... someone mentioned about mi holding a autograph session or something? haha.. who will be interested n will come if i really hold one? hmmmz.. haha... anyway.. i will be attending my sec sch de bazaar soon! 2 days b4 exams thou... maybe u all wan can go support mi n stuff? its open to public if i am not wrong la! haha... so far i asked jasmine tye from singapore idol n jeremy kwan from ss2 to go n perform too! they r cchsm alumni too! haha... seeing pple asking for my msn.. hmmz.. i think... maybe post in tag board i answer better? haha... oh ya ya... i found this very nice pasta place.. at shaw (beach road) level 1 there is this new creation pasta... cheap.. excellent! i always tot i can only eat my fav pasta at changi airport T2 staff canteen.. but now new place in town! and now i am very into yoghurt.. juz had a 1 litre mango yoghurt in 2 days.. on top of tt.. keep trying yoghurts every where.. carrefour in suntec had this yoghurt stall which is now getting into my fav list! haha... oh ya... i am finally a braces guy.. after saying n saying for so long... that i am going to put braces.. i finally put it on on friday... at far east.. which is y some of you all saw mi at far east? hee... $7000 over the whole course.... discounted rate already.. but still quite a big sum arh... a bit xin tong.. haha... paying by instalments... its consider cheap cause i put inside de ma... not those u can see from outside.. same as what elvin did lor... so now i talk like lou feng lou feng like tt.. haha... den mouth like having something inside all the time... teeth sore... wah... but for the better future! ok la.. i was advised to put cos my side view not nice ma... if u all realise, i have this natural pout.. haha... i look as if i am pouting when i am not doing anything wif my lips.. so yups! improve my side profile, shape my face better... better smile... look better so u all can see a nicer chengxi on tv? although i know pple who hate mi will still say i look fugly la... doesn't matter those ba... not going to post photo as braces on not nice ma.. haha... okiez! sayos.... looks like i have to reply to tags more often le ba.. gosh... haha....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

32th post!

hi all! haha.. so far... 10 episodes of Just in singapore.. how was it? Getting comments from like alot of pple about how i fare.. some gd some bad.. haha... wanna know how i really think? hmmz.. i think tt i did ok ok.. not too bad... inconsistent thou.. cos we skip scenes to shoot n i think i didn't do the continuality quite well... like sometimes its juz a turn of a corner from one corridor to another.. n its actually filmed ard weeks apart? hee.. i think ok la.. some scenes thou not as well as i wan it to.. but generally acceptable in my opinion.. haha.. of cos have to admit tt rms for improvements r huge! need to loosen up a bit more.. flexible... hee.. like saying my flaws out not v nice hor.. but ok la.. i will improve! No one learn how to act from birth right? hee... bad comments r gd too cos know where flaws r ma.. which makes mi juz wanna work harder to shut their critics up.. thou some r juz out to put mi down.. hee... i would give myself a grade C ba.. sooner or later i wanna be able to say i am B!

Anyway... have u all heard of a sports call parkour? As defined by wiki, "Parkour (sometimes abbreviated to PK) or l'art du déplacement[1] (English: the art of displacement) is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body.[2][3] It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment — from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls — and can be practiced in both rural and urban areas." I juz learnt bout it from a fren! check out youtube bout it! its real cool la! And my fren.. weiloon did a video himself wif his little brothers bout it! i enjoyed it! hope u all too! haha... the guy who start the video talking is my fren... u all can go search n view real parkour la.. its real cool! haha... Now exam period coming.. but am stuck to Just in singapore and "the legend!" (tai wang si shen ji).. haha.. the korean drama by bae yong jun... i wouldn't say i am a big fan of his.. but am a fan of this drama.. mom bought the dvd (she loves him to bits) which is y she bought us to korea for tour last time to where they film winter sonata.. haha.. anyway wan to see the photos? the show is so so nice! its about these 4 holy objects wif power n a king.. i would say its a combination the story of lord of the rings n jesus.. tts wat i think la.. hee... i am now at episode 9... got 32 epis... tml structure quiz... haha... SHEN ARH JIU JIU WO BA!! (the song by chen xiao chun anyone rem?) hee.. anyway... i will be going for my sec sch.. chung cheng high main bazaar to perform for their sch building funds raising.. happy to be able to help my sec sch! many nice memories there.. so far the happiest time of my life spent there... hao huai nian arh.. any suggestions wat should i perform? hee.. gtg! going to mug! tataz!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

31st post!

Presidencial escort in action! means we escort president for the ceremony la... haha... like form a pyramid using the bikes in front n some behind.. bet u all see b4... haha... i was in it!!! haha.... once la...

The previous post u all see mi taking photo wif the thai soldier right? hee... now its mi!! chengxi's singapore version.. this is wat we do all the time.. maintain this position for a LooOOoog LOOooooG time... haha.... took this picture in my bunk!! hee...

The same thing la... juz tt having some fun la... haha... note the rubbish bag behind.. gosh... who says everyone hate army? i love it la!! miss the mee robus at canteen.. the afternoon naps.. night patrol... N constant nights off KTVing and gunbounding together... haha.....

Posers... haha... we trying to act fierce... hee.. act serious... all these r my camp mates!! hee... scary? hhaa... identify mi!!

This is me alone conjuring up the most "ought to be beaten up" face.. aha... the stuck up face wif my old fashion specs... issued by army de la.. haha.... this photo makes my mom laugh like mad!! haha... no wonder pple hate MPs... haha...

another trying to be poser shot! hee... gosh...

So hows the drama so far? haha... comments i heard r.. farnie, nice, interesting... although some say lame n stuff... but... haha... hope u all like it!!! i will be coming out more ba.. i think... haha... okiez! as promised in previous post.. cos i mentioned about my camp life... show u all wat i do in NS above.. hee....