Wednesday, February 27, 2008

29th post!

Just got back from bangkok! tml going on gd morning singapore interview!! haha... i had a great time in bangkok la!! although not quite relaxing as the air polution there and the hustle n bustle there.... hahaa... but its a very nice trip! lotsa shopping, massages! not exactly gd food.. think i don know how to find la! haha... my new show telecast 2 episodes le hor.... heard tt the comments all not bad... tml got mi le! haha... think lotsa sceptical pple sure waiting to jump at the chance to criticise my acting ba... haiyo... i tried my best thou.. haha... hope i did well enough for pple who like mi den! can't expect everyone to like mi ba.. i used to be like tt too! criticising lotsa actors for no apparent reasons.. haha.. juz don like lor... but when i myself come to acting.. haha... den i know.... read the newspaper about bryan... hmmz... feeling wu nai... he is my gd fren lor.. i hope we can both be gd in our career la! i hope for gd role for him too! reports making it sound like i take gd roles tts y he don have.. gosh! there are so many male roles every year.. i actually always do 1 or 2 drama... whats the effect? answering comparing questions since star idol days for so long le... now the problem arise again.. got pple say muz be i pull string or watever.. god.. madness!! guess when pple don like u, they can jump at chances to say all sorts of things bad at u arh... u got gd roles means pull strings.. bad roles means cannot make it... haha... jokes... anyway... bad things aside! i am still super excited at the bangkok trip! i went pratunam market, platinum mall, MBK, chinatown, suan num night bazaar, baiyoke sky buffet! stayed at baiyoke boutique hotel! best location, most value for money and very new!! haha.... bought more clothes! haha.. if not my clothes getting limited le... took some photos! will post in the next few entries n attempt to be a bangkok guru (although its the 1st time i go there).. haha... gosh! its 4 le... 7 muz reach mediacorp for interview... haha.. i still haven unpack!! i gtg den! updates soon!! haha.... give mi constructive comments on my performance k? hee... tataz!


  1. dun worry, i think u've improved..
    the last time i watched ur show was bai wan bao.
    and i think u're much more better now.
    juz jia you k! =)

  2. 上一次的百万宝到现在的一房半厅,你的演技真的有明显的进步。
    别人无心的比较,或许让你造成困扰,但,如果你thinking positive,也许那也是你的推动力。