Sunday, February 17, 2008

27th Post!!

Hello! Have received a few messages asking me more about Tan Xinhui and the iTalentstar thingy, so thought of explaining abit more here.

iTalentstar is an online talent competition held in Asia, and my v v good fren Xinhui has been selected as one of the 10 contestants in Singapore. She has to compete against 9 other gals to win the spot to represent Singapore. Something like my Star Idol times!!! Hee...but this time round, voting is Free! Supporters only need to register for a Voter Account.'s how:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Register for a Voter account
Step 3: Log-in to your Voter account
Step 4: Vote for SGF01 Xinhui Tan
Step 5: Log-in and vote daily to help!

You can also go to to view the videos of her challenges and past works. She filmed for M1 3GP 偶像剧 LOVE b4! Do add her in Friendster if you wan!

Here's SGF01 Xinhui and her first round of challenge:

Thanks everyone, xie xie!!!

i am getting excited!! do u all know that the show afer yuan zi hui is the show i am in le!! thou i will not be ard when it start (will be going bangkok for a holiday on fri n back on tues), but will be in time to catch myself on tv!! haha... cos 1st n 2nd episode don have mi ma... haha... i will only appear on the 3rd epi... quite amazing tt its gonna be on tv so fast... very qi dai lor... rem to watch k? its really a nice show.. a show to bring u all joy n laughters!! and i really do appreciate u all sharing ur vday experience wif mi on the tag board... nice!! hee...

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