Friday, February 15, 2008

26th post!!

hi hi! hows everyone doing? willing to share wat u did for Vday on my tag board? hee... i love looking at vday stories... anyway! i had steamboat at my hostel on vday!! den rush back home to bai tian gong... if u all know wat is it? its to pray to the sky god (taoist or buddism not sure) for a year of blissing for family! done at 12 midnight... wif sugar cane!! haha.. anyone does it too? oh yarh!! i had the steamboat soup base n chilli from this steamboat shop at the basement of roxy square 2!!! The Tom yam is superb!!! oh! have a favour to ask u visitors to my blog... can go to vote? my v v gd fren tan xin hui is in it! its a online voting thing... she is sgf01... means singapore female contestant 1 la.. haha... got video u all can see oh... vote for her!!! hee.... need to register thou... hee... help mi k? many thanks!! haha.... ok!! waiting to see how u all spend vday on my tag board k? happy valentine!! (sorry a bit late)

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