Thursday, February 28, 2008

30th post!

First photo showing the glutton mi! had very nice sweet and sour sea bass at the hotel lobby cafe! haha... see mi so engross in getting one also don know my photo is taken!! haha... see le also wan to eat right? haha...

Super recommendation by my brother!! baiyoke boutique hotel!! recommended for u all to stay there too!! look at the rm! ard $50 per night! so cheap.. at pratunam! best location! and so nice! open last year july!! haha... very new, very posh... and get 50% discount at affiliated hotel opposite! the baiyoke sky... tallest hotel in thailand.. the posh kind.. like our westin (its call swisshotel now) haha... this rm which i am staying in is the executive de la.. got upgraded free of charge cos the normal rm full le.. haha!!!

See this poor guard... He is so gan chiong... haha.... i keep disturbing him and i know he can't move... u know... when i was in army... i did this too! guard of honour.. if u all realise every 1st sunday of every mth.. there is a change of guards parade at orchard.. i did like quite a few... sometime at the guard marching to istana... wearing no.1 uniform... which this poor guard is wearing the thai version... sometime i do the rider... in case u all don know.. i am a military police traffic rider in army... got the photo thou... if interested indicate.. i can show u all!! the rider to escort the marching party from HMV to istana lor.. stop cars n stuff... normal days go out to patrol n book errant camp vehs.. haha...

TUKTUK!! haha.. sat on 1 for once only... took photo!! its such a gd invention la! if singapore got tuktuk i sure buy 1 de.. am riding a bike now... got rain n easy to fall... tuktuk got shelter... rain also no scare... plus like a bike like tt.... only wif the behind... and can fetch more pple... emergency brake won fall... alot of gd points... budget too! gosh! hope i can buy one back sg!! haha....

A picture wif the biggest reclining buddha... really super big la!! haha.. golden in colour!! i look happy hor... waited quite a while for mi best spot to tk photo la!

haha... see the building behind mi? its the grand palace!! called wat prakeo.. haha... had a hard time trying to pronounce this to the cab driver.. and when i did? den he answered "orh, grand palace" haha... gong!!!

i delibrately go to find A&W in bangkok! miss the days when they have it in sg la! i love the waffle ice cream! love the curly fries! love the root beer float... love the chicken in a basket!! y did this fast food joint close down?!! haiz... when i am in pri sch... i have tuition at ang mo kio... den swimming lessons at yio chu kang... in between my mom will bring us to A&W lor... i will have 1 waffle ice cream.. n my bro have 1 too! always torn between strawberry or chocolate.. haha.. den mom will have chicken in a basket!!! A&W.. plus open one in sg soon!!! den i will have to same feeling as i have yday morning (FYI, i went to eat economical beehoon downstairs and discover tt luncheon meat make a return!! i love it!! miss it so so much!!)

at chatuchak!! although having a few expensive gd meals in bangkok.. but this is the best... road side stew chicken noodle... i had 2 big bowls or them!! haha... super nice la!!! can't find in sg too!!! its my best meal there! ran out of superlatives for it! haha... chatuchak is the weekend market at bangkok where u get all the stuff u will see at far east, bugis street n pasar malam at like 30% of the price... hee... but too crammed n stuffy... went like 1/4 of it n left... pple keep banging into mi... madness!

at the lobby of my hotel! haha.. looks posh right? nice budget hotel!!! hehe...

last pic!! at the lift lobby of hotel... saw this picture... they hang lotsa these kind of pictures all ard... haha... toilet also have... very nice... haha... this pic depict mi trying to carry n steal back this picture (pose only la, nv really do it la!! )

ahaha... posted some photos la... plus describe to u all.. hope u all have a little insight to my trip! haha... tonight i appear 1st time in the 9pm drama... carry on watching k? support mi!! haha.... this drama is super farnie!! HAHA... laugh so much when i watched it yday night!! the 1st 2 epis.. haha......

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

29th post!

Just got back from bangkok! tml going on gd morning singapore interview!! haha... i had a great time in bangkok la!! although not quite relaxing as the air polution there and the hustle n bustle there.... hahaa... but its a very nice trip! lotsa shopping, massages! not exactly gd food.. think i don know how to find la! haha... my new show telecast 2 episodes le hor.... heard tt the comments all not bad... tml got mi le! haha... think lotsa sceptical pple sure waiting to jump at the chance to criticise my acting ba... haiyo... i tried my best thou.. haha... hope i did well enough for pple who like mi den! can't expect everyone to like mi ba.. i used to be like tt too! criticising lotsa actors for no apparent reasons.. haha.. juz don like lor... but when i myself come to acting.. haha... den i know.... read the newspaper about bryan... hmmz... feeling wu nai... he is my gd fren lor.. i hope we can both be gd in our career la! i hope for gd role for him too! reports making it sound like i take gd roles tts y he don have.. gosh! there are so many male roles every year.. i actually always do 1 or 2 drama... whats the effect? answering comparing questions since star idol days for so long le... now the problem arise again.. got pple say muz be i pull string or watever.. god.. madness!! guess when pple don like u, they can jump at chances to say all sorts of things bad at u arh... u got gd roles means pull strings.. bad roles means cannot make it... haha... jokes... anyway... bad things aside! i am still super excited at the bangkok trip! i went pratunam market, platinum mall, MBK, chinatown, suan num night bazaar, baiyoke sky buffet! stayed at baiyoke boutique hotel! best location, most value for money and very new!! haha.... bought more clothes! haha.. if not my clothes getting limited le... took some photos! will post in the next few entries n attempt to be a bangkok guru (although its the 1st time i go there).. haha... gosh! its 4 le... 7 muz reach mediacorp for interview... haha.. i still haven unpack!! i gtg den! updates soon!! haha.... give mi constructive comments on my performance k? hee... tataz!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

28th post!

Annoucement!! i am going bangkok on a tour tml!! for 5 days!! haha... excited la!! anyway, my new show is coming up!! muz support k? just in singapore... juz pondering... ask u all arh... Am i a boring person... someone (very respectable) told mi i am boring.. for the lead roles i have being given... the chances i had.. i didn't really shine... still quite low profile... not tt famous... compared to other pple who didn't had as much chance as mi, can still be higher profile den mi... hmmz... conclusion? i am boring... NO NO!! i wan to be interesting!! haha.. To improve as an artiste... guess it will be lotsa thinking on my part n improving ba... popularity going down for mi? is it? not sure... wat u all think... checking out the mediacorp forum makes mi realise... yarh hor.. haha... i am really not much talked about liao... haha... sudden realisation... but nvm!! new show! new hope!! haha... very qi dai!! support mi!! watch mi!! haha... thanks!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

27th Post!!

Hello! Have received a few messages asking me more about Tan Xinhui and the iTalentstar thingy, so thought of explaining abit more here.

iTalentstar is an online talent competition held in Asia, and my v v good fren Xinhui has been selected as one of the 10 contestants in Singapore. She has to compete against 9 other gals to win the spot to represent Singapore. Something like my Star Idol times!!! Hee...but this time round, voting is Free! Supporters only need to register for a Voter Account.'s how:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Register for a Voter account
Step 3: Log-in to your Voter account
Step 4: Vote for SGF01 Xinhui Tan
Step 5: Log-in and vote daily to help!

You can also go to to view the videos of her challenges and past works. She filmed for M1 3GP 偶像剧 LOVE b4! Do add her in Friendster if you wan!

Here's SGF01 Xinhui and her first round of challenge:

Thanks everyone, xie xie!!!

i am getting excited!! do u all know that the show afer yuan zi hui is the show i am in le!! thou i will not be ard when it start (will be going bangkok for a holiday on fri n back on tues), but will be in time to catch myself on tv!! haha... cos 1st n 2nd episode don have mi ma... haha... i will only appear on the 3rd epi... quite amazing tt its gonna be on tv so fast... very qi dai lor... rem to watch k? its really a nice show.. a show to bring u all joy n laughters!! and i really do appreciate u all sharing ur vday experience wif mi on the tag board... nice!! hee...

Friday, February 15, 2008

26th post!!

hi hi! hows everyone doing? willing to share wat u did for Vday on my tag board? hee... i love looking at vday stories... anyway! i had steamboat at my hostel on vday!! den rush back home to bai tian gong... if u all know wat is it? its to pray to the sky god (taoist or buddism not sure) for a year of blissing for family! done at 12 midnight... wif sugar cane!! haha.. anyone does it too? oh yarh!! i had the steamboat soup base n chilli from this steamboat shop at the basement of roxy square 2!!! The Tom yam is superb!!! oh! have a favour to ask u visitors to my blog... can go to vote? my v v gd fren tan xin hui is in it! its a online voting thing... she is sgf01... means singapore female contestant 1 la.. haha... got video u all can see oh... vote for her!!! hee.... need to register thou... hee... help mi k? many thanks!! haha.... ok!! waiting to see how u all spend vday on my tag board k? happy valentine!! (sorry a bit late)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

25th post! photo galore!

one of the director (kunhui) took quite some photos during acting period.. i upload those wif mi to let u all see? haha...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

24th post...

try reading this... understand?






不想再约束 不要再疼苦