Monday, January 14, 2008

18th post!!!

its a lazy afternoon in sch... going to have a afternoon nap... juz finish some lectures... which i fell aslp for the last 10 mins... gosh!! haha... hmmz... another food for the day!! punggol nasi lemak! at kovan there... had it for dinner on sunday... its really really nice la!!! and something tts very sad... they don have luncheon meat anymore... its seems like its vanishing everywhere.. i love it since young! u give mi abalone n luncheon meat i will gladly chose luncheon meat! hhaaa.. i call it "hao liao" to my grandma so whenever she wans to dote on mi she will fry some luncheon meat for mi... i know its banned now... den realise tt its actually quite an important ingredient in my diet arh.... sianz..... ok! talk bout more info on the new show... my mom will be acted by hong hui fang... if u all noticed, i said on the prelude to star awards b4 that my mom will be chen li zhen, but there was a switch in the end la.. yups!! working wif my mom has a very very beneficial for mi! worked wif ge ping da ge last show.. now hui fang jie.. they taught mi alot! acting wise... being an artiste wise... career path... my first scene for this show is wif my mom!!! i said tt its a show bout the main family n their neighbours right? one of the family will be pat mok, nelson wif 3 kids! very cute! another will be ying zhu jie as mom and the late mc king as son wif a vietnam wife apple! another one will be adam's family and den liang tian shu's family wif tai ming ge and ai ling as offsprings! hope i didn't missed out any? haha.... sounds interesting eh! haha... muz watch arh!!1

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