Friday, January 11, 2008

16th post!

hmmz... its late at night... decided to drop by for a post!! haha... hmmz... but don know wat to say leh... today i went sch... very happy to be backed in school! i love sch life!! thou don really like to study... haha.... anyone feeling the same too!? wat shall i talk about? hmmz.. how bout giving an insight to the new show? its call xin jia po wu ding xia (sorry tt i keep talking bout it).. haha... its about this family mom (liping), dad (wenyong), 2 daughters (paige n fiona).. i am having a triangular love thingy wif both daughters... i don know they r sisters thou.. haha... they live in thou rental flats.. wif no rooms de... and the story revolve ard their neighbours... i am a university lecturer... paige is a uni student, not my student thou but know her in sch... fiona is a pasar malam seller.. sell chicken wing... had a misunderstanding at first.. but grow to like her in the show... liping jie is very very farnie in this show la!!! totally different from huang jin lu so serious (i got watch!! chasing every episode).... anyone got any questions to ask bout the show? haha... anyway.... am a food addict!! good food i mean... some recommendations... jal thai at thomson plaza!! superb thai food!!! and 126 dim sum at sims ave (geylang)... super la!!! hee... fav fav!!!

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  1. CHENGXI KORRRRRRRRRRRRRR~ YAYYAYYAY CANT WAIT TO WATCH UR NEW SHOW.. hope u can act wif joanne jie agn! youall act so nicelyyyyyyyy.. like in bbfnb! YAY~ u rock!