Friday, January 4, 2008

13th post!!

okiez!! being a long n whirlwind time since the last post... admitted.. didn't blog because something bad happened in my life... puts mi down... was very down for a period but has since solved the problem/picked myself up!! ok ok!! talking about fish leong's concert... its great!! she can sing n sing n sing non stop... no need to rest! and her voice is like superb!! some of her songs i hear le i have goosebumps! which is a gd thing.. not the very nan ting so got goosebumps kind... is the kind tt when u very touched u have tt kind... don know whether u all feel that b4 but when i very touched i always have goosebumps de... that i am very impress wif fish! can sing til so touching... den while all these happening, i discover a auntie n uncle beside mi was like tearing... i was like "was so gan dong for them ar". And guess wat! i found out in a while when fish say "thank my parents for coming" that they r fish's parents!! gosh!! haha... 1st time i sit 3 row from the stage in a concert... didn't attended many thou... andy lau's one.. karen mok one... and the very unforgettable snow wolf lake by zhang xue you when i am like pri 6!!! my present from mom for gd psle results!!! haha... didn't regret a bit for going!!! its a excellent concert!! maybe next year when she come again i will contemplate going again? found out that many of her songs r my fav la!! suddenly feel very sinful... i getting fatter lor.. and guess what i did in like 4 mins ago? i finish up a box of rocher (24)!! my bro eat like 4... so i think i ate 20!!! in 2 days... i think die liao!! haha... ate 2 piece of royce choc juz now too!!! addicted!! like rocher better thou!! haha... today went filming! its my last outdoor shoot for xin jia po wu ding xia... so fast lor... looking forward to it alot!! i felt it will be very nice!! when i was ard the make up unit this gal approach mi for a photo den she commented "nice blog!" wahhaha... so paisei la.. i juz like anyhow type wat i feel like talking here only... not much changes to the setting too!! not much picture too! i juz wanna keep it simple and personal and for pple to read if u all don mind... and she say its nice? hmmmz... paisei cos got pple say my english bad la.. language too teeny la... i don know wat... hmmzz... glad tt someone still like my blog... i tot like only less den 15 pple read it? at least i think now got a bit more den tt ba... haha.... so motivated and come n write another post today!! haha... sch reopening on monday!! thou its like preventing mi from tking on another drama i think.... but nvm la.. study 1st... after study le den act more lor.. hahah.... less of mi on tv den pple won be sick of mi too ma... haha....

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