Tuesday, December 18, 2007

11th post!!

hao hao... don anyhow say la! i where got cry!! haha... hi everyone.. yups.. i didn't win... but pornsak win!!! great!! he is my best fren!!! he win i also happy for him!!! hee... although lose is a bit disappointing la.. but i went wif a going to see show mentality.. nv tot tt i will get... so its cool... i nv prepare my speech so if i get... gosh!! i will be talking "i don know wat" on stage la!! haha... same pictures to share for last week de 25th ani star awards... hee...


  1. wa...all the fotos looks very nice... u looks very handsome o... i like it... hahaha... don't disappoint although u lose... but i still support u, always support u... so, u must work more harder ... takes more dramas for us(ur fans)2 watch o... take care o... ^_^

  2. hi cheng xi!! how do u feel when did not win the best newcomer awards? do u feel stress?? why are you hsppy that pornsak win best not u?


    glad u took ur "lose" not so badlyy........ dun worri! we'll support u fureverrrr!! I WANT UR AUTOGRAPH!

    dunno how i bcome so 'obsessed' wif u wor!!~ i noe lerhh! cos u look GOOD. HANDSOME. Hahahaa. Hope to see uu soon!!!!!

  4. nvm next time will win pornsak !!!
    be happy !! i will always support u !!!