Monday, December 10, 2007

10th Post!!!

GOSH!! i haven blog like a thousand years! sorry sorry arh... have being v busy filming all the way since after exams... hmmmz... den my bday too! OK OK... one by one... filming... recently we did a ge tai shoot... my new show got ge tai scene ma... filming overnight at bishan, its was tiring la.. but fun too! cos can watch pple sing ge tai... wen yong da ge is so happy at singing ge tai la.. can see tt he is enjoying himself.. which in turn makes mi enjoy seeing his performance!! haha... took some photos... here it is above! the 1st 3 u all should be v familiar ba.. the last one is paige.. she is a new actress n my new co-star.. will have a love triangle between her n fiona... haha... okok... back to my bday... had a 3 day celebration this year.. on the 4th had dinner wif xxn at trader's hotel cafe biz... my request... haha... v expensive wor... but v nice la!! superb food!! got lobster... sashimis... sushis... cook urself prawns... lots n lots... nice nice!! super happy la!!! on my bday i had dinner wif family at crystal jade suntec... grandma came along.. v happy!! n guess wat? i have a surprise!! at the end of the meal there is a choc cake for mi n my bro... choc banana cake.. super nice!! thanks to the person who made this happen!! touched touched!! the crystal jade 2 auntie who serve the cake still sing bday song for mi.. weird but great!! haha... on the 6th! went shopping the world day, den went geylang for my fav dim sum at 126.. n den go ktv wif my frens n bro at teo heng katong!! of cos hao hao was there too!! haha... long time nv sing wif u le arh.. happy happy! 10 dollar club soon? haha... sounds like quite a nice bday hor... haha.... oh yarh.. i juz came back from star awards 25th aniversary... blog about it again soon k? tired le.. now 4:22... tml 7 still have to go shoot... hee...

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