Thursday, November 29, 2007

9th Post!!

Yeah!! finally finish wif my exams... thou have to start filming like 2 hrs after exams end!! but finally a load off my chest!!! haha.... happy like mad!!! tired thou... very very.... had a mini celebration yday due to v v tired me n cos today got filming... went swensens... still rem i always got to eat at swensens when i am young... at PS (when the ps now is not built yet.. its call yaohan last time)... the swensens is at 6th floor.. gosh.. i can still rem the layout n shops of the teared down building in my head la! B2 is arcade... B1 is food street.. got my fav jap pancake which is in a fish shape... haha... now richer den i was (of cos la! pri sch $1.50 pocket money a day)... haha... i ordered one whole earthquake all the MINE SELF!!! i know should be spell myself but i juz feel like MINESELF-ing... haha... i am crazy.. acting schedule is so so pack now.. but enjoy filming.. enjoy every bit of it after exam end... finally can concentrate on acting le.. and i think its quite refreshing!!! hmmmz... EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED!! haha....

1 comment:

  1. hahas!
    Exam finally finished.
    Good luck for the results!
    JIAYOUS in your new drama!