Monday, November 26, 2007

8th post!!

Woah!! so much so much to blog i don know where to start... ok ok... 1st bout fri... fri i went filming at woodlands de pasar malam.. got these 3 auntie hor... quite farnie.. she sell crystal de... say she like mi while in staridol n support mi leh... n den took photos n stuff... den after tt hor.. ask my age n stuff... realising tt my bday coming soon, 10 days later!! she tk her crystal n go buy wrapping paper wrap n give mi la!! together wif a stand wif light!! woah... make mi so happy!!! like... haiyo.... haha... den after tt film a scene.. a scene tt i have being dreading since i read from the script, and finally its the day.. n i totally mentally prepared, i was to be stuffed a goreng pisang into my mouth n got squeezed tomato sauce all over my face... gosh... its real hard... fiona is the one doing it to mi... she stuff til paisei also.. n cause the natural reaction is to vomit it out... i keep getting ngs as director wans it totally stuffed in my mouth.. gosh.. its was so dirty all over n my lips get some cuts... but overall... ok la... was prepared for it.. quite paisei tt fiona is apologetic bout it... not her fault ma... did it for 6 time n finally done-ed... was into causeway pt full of sauce on mi n pple keep looking... PAISEI!!! haha... quite an experience la! tts y i like acting right? haha... a chance to try things tt u wouldn't even tot of trying.. haha.... sat filming too! was smooth n fast.. went home... had dinner wif parents.. tada tada... today went airport to study!! gosh.. tues last paper le and i am in holiday mood!! cannot cannot!!! jialat... how arh... i think after this blog i muz go mug le... mug til morning!!! and den go mediacorp.. oh yarh.. yups... tml morning got interview on zao an ni hao.. for my best newcomer nomination.. hmmz... jialat... hope i don get a lost of words... blog again soon!!! tataz!!

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  1. wat! u r interviewing zao an ni hao! 2 bad i didn't watch the show, i woke up so late lorhx. 2 bad, r u the real cheng xi?? i still dun get it, my sis told mi not 2 belif. she saed the friendster n blog is not true, i get muddle-head dun kno who 2 belif lorhx. :)gd luck!