Thursday, October 25, 2007

4th post!

hmmz.. thanks to all who tagged or commented! at least i felt tt my blog is not juz some ulu site tt i chuck away somewhere.. some updates on my life... my sch exams is like 2 weeks away! i haven started revising.. got a quiz tml! muz do well!! going to plunge into the world of mugging after this post.. And of cos, filming!! did like 4 to 5 days of filming... this time.. filming felt different.. very different... i felt tt i am able to concentrate into acting the role? to capture the feel of every lines... i think cos i need to submit a 5 mins montage(don know spell correct anot) of bai wan bao for my nomination of star awards, i rewatch all my bwb scene.. gosh... wish i had the chance to do it again.. confident of doing it better!! i kinda like rethink the scenes i did n how i could do it better? haha.. i guess this new found "improvement" is wat they call "wen gu zhi xin" in chinese ba... finally felt the impact of this words.. To those who haven felt so, kindly re read all past txt books or watever to try? no harm trying right? i think it works!!! Filming so far had being a happy happy affair... can't wait to see wat i have did so far! gosh.. hope exams finish faster n i can concentrate on this, go get my class 2 license so to Upgrade my phantom (yes, i juz got a phantom (a motorcycle) on monday as a transport) to a R6? cbr600? zx6? suzuki 600? or maybe i will juz stick to my "oh my lovely dream bike" RVF!!! on a side note, happy over my nomination of star awards best newcomer!! but being "best" newcomer to have the best performance amongst the new comers of this year? kinda hard arh? considering i think there r much more to achieve n i start new whereas i think other contenders have some performance back ground ba... but being nominated is good enough for mi.. although its great to win la, but ru wei jiu shi yi zhong keng ding right? i use to dread artiste who say this.. like... aiyo, if u nominated of cos wan to win right? if nomination is a keng ding den don win lor.. but now being in this position, i truly felt y ru wei jiu shi yi zhong keng ding.. cos its... it juz is lor... there r like so many new comers this year la... being in means at least wat i did was recognise n deem not bad in pple's eye.. gosh... getting stress.... Win also stress (high expectation from den on), lose also stress (pple will think i am sad underneath but actually ok ok la)... haha.... anyway, juz gonna try to do my best for sch n continue filming using my new found knowledge bout acting!! Will be v v busy from now on.. will try to update whenever i had the time!! tataz...


  1. hello!! i saw u at NTU today. but didnt dare to say hi cos wasnt sure if it was u. anw, cont to jiayou and GOOD GOOD LUCK FOR UR EXAMS!!!!! :D

  2. hi. first time tagger. u got msn? add me??


  3. hello chengxi kor :D

    LOVE U ALOT :D. Voted 4 u alot of times liao for best newcomer blah blah blah. Hope u'll winnnnn!!

    Loads of <3,
    Kim :]]