Sunday, September 30, 2007

2nd post!!

hihi everyone!
Yday i went for a cast meeting (in case u all don't know, its a meeting that is held b4 a start of a drama that will get to know all your co-star, story line and wat u act)... I will be acting in a new drama!!! its named (xin jia po wu ding xia) which means under singapore's roof? hee... i will be acting in as a young university lecturer in mass comm!! acting opposite fiona (fiona xie), huifang jie and many others...will be acting 28-30 years old... hmmz... trying to be more mature arh.. reach home and keep mugging n mugging the script, finally finish all 30 eps of it!! feeling its a very farnie storyline but under the laughter there is a hiden meaning of how hard life is for our fellow singaporeans... feel it makes us feel for it at the same time not get sadden by the cold hard truth wif comedic effects thru out!! very happy to see lotsa veterans in the show too!! looking forward to shooting this show!! (time clashes wif exams thou, keeping my fingers very crossed and hope everything goes v v well)!! more updates next time!! I nv promote this blog yet.. if anyone comes across this blog, welcome!!!! u r one of the 1st few!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My 1st post!

hi, to all people!! I am Chengxi and i just set up a blog!!
it might look ugly and simple now but soon i will try to make it interesting?
celebrating the birth of!!!!!!!!!