Tuesday, September 25, 2012

191th post (dubai)

Dubai... a place build up by pure money... cash rich middle east... pure luxury... from a barren desert to now... whats in dubai?

i visited a few of the world best

tallest building in the world
biggest mall in the world
biggest aquarium tank in the world

here you go.. the the burj khalifa.. world tallest building!!

 and the world biggest mall... the dubai mall...

 and of cos thats me!!! haha!!!
 a nice walk way dubai mall from the place where i was having lunch... :)
 dubai mall have this big ice skating rink inside the mall!!
 and i really really like the roof of the mall at this section..
 don you think its quite majestic?
 ok... a bit out of place.. but i am really a foodie.. and although this is not a famous restaurant or whatever.. but i really love the food here.. the silver eagle restaurant.. haha!!!

the deira clock tower.... quite a nice structure in the middle of a traffic junction...

those above are from my 1st visit of dubai

those below are my 2nd visit... :)
at dubai mall once again.. and they have the maclaren car exhibition

how i wish i have a car like tt man... but i think it will cost a bomb in singapore and i can nv afford
seeing all the COE rise and stuff.. i understand that singapore is a small country and can't hold too many cars.. and also cause our GDP per capita is the highest in the world.. making us one of the richest citizens.. and... that y the price of the car is so high..
but.... despite i understood y it happens.. but still..
its sucks that cars overseas can be so cheap...
i guess everyone is just the same.. earn more things more expensive.. earn less spend less as things are cheaper in those countries...
the amount the things you get in the city is about the same..

 talk so much... meanwhile i just drool over the car that i will never have..

and also!! the biggest tank in the world!!!
 the proof!!! :)
 happy me... haha!!!! 
 what amazed me is... the sand tiger sharks.. they look so big sized and ferocious! if i see them in the sea swimming.. i would swim away right away!!! fear for my life.. see their protruding teeth... haha!!

 i like sharks.. i am not drinking shark fins soup already!!! as statistics show.. i think we eat so much more sharks than sharks eat us.. they are the top predator underwater and to keep the eco system in balance.. they must survive!! it irks me to see how cheaply shark fins are sold in the chinatown of bangkok... 
 the tunnel into the tank... other than the sharks.. lots n lots of other species a well!
 leopard shark!

the aquarium zoo on the top of the aquarium is quite interesting too! like this snake over here!
 piranhas! this one is the red belly one.. big size.. and said to be very violent..
weird thou.. the tank is opened.. i can actually put my hand in them.. thou there is a warning sign.. but the curiousity inside me.. haha! i faster dip my finger into the water n pull out! haha
the naughty child in me.. like always...
i guess maybe their teeth are pluck out or what ba.. 
 yellow fishes.. no idea about them
 totally love this reptile! took lotsa photo of it... see the colours variation on its skin.. and its cute face with the rotating eyes... wondering is it legal to keep one of these as pet in singapore? i totally would want one!!

 a mini croc.. big eyes!!!

ugly cat fish

 the lion fish!!!its sting is poisonous.. but the way it moves in the water.. the colours.. i really like it...

 a marine fish
 iguana... scaly... haha! reminds me of the godzilla movie.. haha!
 a nice stingray!!! nice alive... nice cooked and sambal-ed too! haha
 japanese spider crab!! look majestic.. but i think i am hungry at this point.. i keep thinking of eating this guy.. bbq-ed. haha
 some nice aquarium prawns with corals
 and this eel that floats about in horizontally.. appeared in the movie finding nemo right?
the face quite cute!

its just dubai mall i went in dubai.. and there is much more in dubai.. which i am too lazy to go to as the weather is really hot and dry... haha! dubai mall and the burj khalifa is enough to amazed me! haha!

conclusion: middle east really got lotsa money..

Monday, September 24, 2012

190th post (1st trip wif her)

Sorry everyone for the super long outdated blog of mine... was really busy.. and of cos priorities in life is different.. for the past year.. blogging wasn't one of those... haha!!! working and spending time with gf was! and i pick up a bit of photography.. which in due course.. and i hope not too long.. the quality of my pictures should improve ba.. haha!! anyway... this post is about the 1st overseas trip with hayley! it was close to 2 years back! ops!! haha!!! here goes...

people who went on this trip is me, hayley, jayley, my dad, my mom, jiaxi, sinyee (jx's gf), hayley's mom

the 1st photo here is my parents! i am having this new knack of making stupid gesture and faces in photos.. cos just normal smiling to too main stream la.. haha!!! a bit boring right? haha!!! and guess what! my dad copy!!!

 a normal photo taken at the request of my mom haha!!!
 haha!!! see the expression on my dad's face!! and jx.. haha!!
 the couple... 
 jiaqi wif her 斗鸡眼
 the couple again..
 time to check out my expression!!

the above photos are taken outside mushroom farm slightly downhill of genting
 if you all realise.. eh.. why no hayley? cos this lazy bum chose to sleep instead of joining us of dinner
 haha!!! a family photo before the girls go play the games!!
 my dad love the london bus behind.. haha!!! take a 恩爱恩爱 photo
 haha! tts me with the sisters... with hayley acting like a ninja
 sweet couple.. hoping for a sweet ending
 roller coaster!! haha! hayley's fav.. not mine.. haha!
 happy jq sitting in front of us!!! haha!!!
 i love this photo..
 jiaqi's version
 stupid expression me photo bombing the girls!!! haha!!!
 our turn for a 恩爱photo
 i think my dad outdo me in the funny expression.. well... he is the dad.. 
 ninja back from her little boat ride

parents went for richie ren's concert.. which the rest is not interested... haha! so didn't join...

the special thing about this trip is that.. i nv even step into the casino.. thou.. i kinda like gambling la... but.... hayley is not old enough... so...... didn't wanted to leave her alone... yups!!! a little short trip.. but great to have fun together... doesn't matter the place right? what matters is the person beside u...

sorry for the super overdue... dead blog..